Political History of Ancient India, from...


Political History of Ancient India, from the Accession of Parikshit to the Extinction of the Gupta Dynasty (Classic Reprint)

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Author  Hem Channdra Raychaudhuri
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
ISBN  9781440052729
Pages  378

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The object of the following pages is to sketch the political history of Ancient India from the accession of Parikshit to the extinction of the Gupta Dynasty. The idea of the work suggested itself many years ago from observing a tendency in some of the current books to dismiss the history of the period from the Bharata war to the rise of Buddhism as incapable of arrangement in definite chronological order. The authors aim has been to present materials for an authentic chronological history of Ancient I ndia, including the neglected Post Bharata period, but excluding the Epoch of the Kanauj Empires which properly falls within the domain of the historian of Mediaeval I ndia. The volume now offered to the public consists of two parts. In the first part an attempt has been made to furnish, from a comparison of the Vedic, Epic, Puranic, Jaina, Buddhist and secular Brahmanical literature, such a narrative of the political vicissitudes of the Post Parikshita-pre-B imbisarian period as may not be less intelligible to the reader than Dr. Smith saccount of the transactions of the Post-B imbisarian age It has also been thought expedient to append, towards the end of this part, a short chapter on kingship in the Brahmana Jataka period. The purpose of the second part is to provide a history of the period from Bimbisara to the Guptas which will be, to a certain extent, more up to date, if less voluminous, than the classic work of Dr. Smith.
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