Impressions of Turkey

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Author  William Mitchell Ramsay
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 18, 2012
ISBN  1440052271
Pages  312

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Asiatic Turkey and its people, combined with hope for its future and interest in its past history, may justify the publication of these pages, in which I have tried to record frankly the impressions left on my mind during the wanderings of twelve years, and the studies of seventeen years. I cannot hope that they will be generally acceptable to those whose minds are made up on one side or the other, for they steer a middle course and regard no person and no people as wholly in the right. The method followed is for the most part to take the reader into the heart of Turkey and let him look for himself, explaining my own impression about the facts which he sees. I began to travel with a strong belief in the imperial mission of Britain, and I end with a stronger faith in the English-speaking race. But I have learned also to appreciate the high qualities of other great nations.
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