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Author  Charles Rollin
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
ISBN  1440051216
Pages  336

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Syracuse. It may be divided into three parts. The first includes the long reign of HIEUO II. The second, the short reign of his grandson, HIERO- NYMUS, the troubles of Syracuse occasioned by it, with the siege and taking of that city by MARCELLUS. The third is a concise abridgment of the history of Syracuse, with some reflections on the government and character of the Syracusans, and on ARCHIMEDES. ARTICLE I. SECT. I. Hiero the Second chosen captain-general by the Syracusans, and soon after appointed king. He makes an alliance with the Romans in the beginning of the first Punic war. HIERO II. was descended from the fa Ant Jc! 304. mity f Gelon, who had formerly reigned in Syracuse. As his mother was a slave, his father, Hierocles, according to the barbarous custom of those times, caused him to be exposed soon after his birth; believing that the infant dishonoured the nobility of his race. If Justin sfabulous account may be believed, the bees nourished him.several days with their honey. The oracle declaring, that so singular an event was a certain presage of his future greatness, Hierocles caused him to be brought back to his house, and took all possible care of his education. The child derived from this education all the benefit that could be expected. He distinguished himself early a Justin. 1. xxiii. c. 4, VOL. VIII.
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