Plutarch's Lives, Vol. 5 of 6


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Author  Plutarch Plutarch
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   April 1, 2010
ISBN  1440050643
Pages  472

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DEMADES the orator, who had great power ip Athens, becaufe in the adminifhation of pub. lick- affairs he always favoured' Antipaterancl the Macedonians, being necellitated to write and fptak many things below the"dignity, and contrary to the cuftoms of the city, ufed to lay, " that lie ought to be ex-" cufed for what he did, becaufe he fleered only the wreck " of the commonwealth. This faying, which in him was too bold and arrogant, feems to be jufUy applicable to Phocion's govarnment; for Demades was the rock on which his country fplit, through the diflblutcnefs of his life and adminiftration, which gave Antipater occafion to fay of him, after he was grown old,*" That he was like a " facrificed beaft, all contained, except his tongue and his

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