A History of Classical Philology from the Seventh...

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Author  Harry Thurston Peck
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 24, 2012
ISBN  1440045445
Pages  514

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Long experience has convinced the author that, as a rule, classical students, even those who are pursuing the most advanced courses, are very imperfectly informed as to the history of the subjects upon which they are engaged. They may be thoroughly trained in various ramifications of Classical Philology, while knowing little or nothing of Classical Philology as a whole. It seems an anomalous thing that any university student should proceed to his doctorate in Greek and Latin without ever having had a conspectus of the entire field of which he is familiar with a part; that, for example, he should be able to give no intelligent account of the ilexandrian School; that the significance of the Renaissance to a classicist should not be clear to him; thatS caliger, Lipsius, Casaubon, Bentley, Corssen, and Lachmann should be little more than names; and that he should have learned nothing genetically about literary criticism, text criticism, and scientific linguistics. Yet such is very often the case; and though it is to be regretted, it is not a reasonable cause for censure.
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