Beginnings or Glimpses of Vanished Civilizations...


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Author  Mrs Marion McMurrough Mulhall
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   March 23, 2010
ISBN  1440044848
Pages  132

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The present little book is devoted to an at-
tempt to simplify the story of the early begin-
nings of our world, and to trace the origin
of the vanished civilizations, remains of which
are now being brought to light every day by
distinguished archaeologists. The treatment of
such subjects in so small a compass may well
deserve the name of " Glimpses," and only
merits consideration from the fact that the
author confesses to have annexed without
qualm or compunction (but she hopes with
care) the writings of learned men, and has
tried to re-tell their discoveries in plain lan-
guage suitable to her youthful readers. It can
scarcely be said that there is anything in this
book which has not appeared somewhere be-
fore, in the vast literature of many lands which
has grown up round so many distinguished
scientists, some of whose books are so pro-
found as to be outside the range of general
readers. They have forgotten that youthful
students have to walk before they attempt to
run. This accomplishment in the paths of
early history the author of this little book has
endeavoured to teach, through the medium of
others' profundity.

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