A History of the Roman Empire from Its Foundation...

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Author  J. B. Bury
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 22, 2012
ISBN  1440044775
Pages  660

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Roman history, which is of all its periods perhaps the most important-the first two centuries of theE mpire there exists no English handbook suitable for use in Universities andS chools, consequence of this want in our educational course is that the knowledge of Roman history possessed by students, who are otherwise men of considerable attainments mclassical literature, comes to a sudden end at theB attle of A ctium. At least, their systematic knowledge ends there ;of the subsequent history they know only isolated facts gathered at haphazard from Horace, Juvenal and Tacitus. This much-felt need will, it is hoped, be met by the present volume, which bridges the gap between theS tudent sR ome and theS tudent sG ibbon. This work has been written directly from the original sources. But it is almost unnecessary to say that the author is under deep obligations to many modern guides. He is indebted above all toM ommsen sR omisches Staatsrecht, and to the fifth volume of the same historians Romische Geschichte. He must also acknowledge the constant aid which he has derived fromM erivale sH istory of the Romans under theE mpire, Schiller sG eschichte der romischen Kaiserzeit, and Herzog sG eschichte und System der romischen Staatsverfassung. Duruy sH istory of Rome has been occasionally useful. The lesser and more special books which have been consulted with advantage are too numerous to mention.
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