The History of the Popes, from the Close...

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Author  Ludwig Pastor
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 10, 2012
ISBN  1440044724
Pages  706

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Table of Contents .... List of Unpublished Documents in Appendix PAGE vii-xxvi xxvii-xxx BOOK I. ALEXANDER VI., 1492-1503. Savonarola and Alexander VI. .. 3-54 Alexander VI. and Louis XII. ..... 55-69 Louis XII. in Milan ....... 70-84 Alexander VI. and the War against the Turks .. 85-102 The States of the Church and the Borgia .. .103-141 Alexander VI. saction in the Church .. 142-164 f Alexander VI. as a Patron of Art .... 165-181 BOOK II. Pius III., 1503. JULIUS II., 1503-1513. The Conclaves of September and November, 1503 .185-231 Disputes with Venice 232-258 Subjugation of Perugia and Bologna .... 259-289 The Political Situation between 1507 and 1509 .. 290-320 Wars in Italy .. ., .. .. 321-365 The Holy League 366-404 .A nnihilation of the Power of France in Italy .405-454 Julius II. and Art .. 455-502 Julius II. and Michael Angelo 53539 Raphael and the Vatican Stanze ..... 540-607 Appendix of Unpublished Documents .. .611-659 Index of Names
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