Beacon Lights of History, Vol. 3

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Author  John Lord
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 17, 2012
ISBN  144004404X
Pages  408

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Volume III. Page Cleopatra Tests the Poison whichS he Intends for Her Own Destruction on Her Slaves .... Frontispiece After the painting by Alexander Cabanel. Justinian Orders the Compilation of the Pandects ... 49 After the painting by Benjamin Constant. The Temple of Karnak 87 After a photograph. The Laocoon 136 After the photograph from the $tatw in the Vatican Home. The Death of Archimedes 177 After the painting by E. Vimont. Race of Roman Chariots 227 After the painting by V. Checa. Sale of Slaves in a Roman Camp 255 After the painting by R. Coghe. Marcus TuU ius Cicero 289 From tlie bust in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence. Cleopatra Obtains an Interview with Caesar 317 After the painting by J. L. Oerome. Death of Cleopatra 333 After the painting by John Cottier. A Roman Bacchanal 869 After the painting by W. KotarbtntJA.
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