Beacon Lights of History, Vol. 1

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Author  John Lord
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
ISBN  1440044023
Pages  416

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Dr. Lord sgreat work, the Beacon Lights of History, it has been necessary to make some rearrangement of lectures and volumes. Dr. Lord began with his volume on classic A ntiquity, and not until he had completed five volumes did he return to the remoter times of Old Pagan Civilizations (reaching back to Assyria and Egypt) and the Jewish Heroes and Prophets. These issued, he took up again the line of great men and movements, and brought it down to modern days. The Old Pagan Civilizations, of course, stretch thousands of years before the Hebrews, and the volume so entitled would naturally be the first. Then follows the volume on Jewish Heroes and Prophets, ending with St. Paul and the Christian Era. After this volume, which in any position, dealing with the unique race of the Jews, must stand by itself, we return to the brilliant picture of the Pagan centuries, iu Ancient Achievements and Lnperial A ntiquity, the latter coming down to the Fall of Rome in the fourth century a.d., which ends the era of Antiquity and begins the Middle A ges. New York, September 15, 1902.
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