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Author  W. Lucas Collins
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
ISBN  1440043469
Pages  388

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When we speak, in the language of our title-page, of the Ancient Classics, we must remember that the word ancient is to be taken with a considerable difference, in one sense. Ancient all the Greek and Eoman authors are, as dated comparatively with our modern era. But as to the antique character of their writings, there is often a difference which is not merely one of date. The poetry of Homer and Hesiod is ancient, as having been sung and written when the society in which the authors lived, and to which they addressed themselves, was in its comparative infancy. The chronicles of Herodotus are ancient, partly from their subject-matter and partly from their primitive style. But in this sense there are ancient authors belonging to every nation which has a literature of its own. Viewed in this light, the history A. c. vol. ix.
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