The History of Indian Literature

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Author  Albrecht Friedrich Weber
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 10, 2012
ISBN  1440041768
Pages  386

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English translation of this work was to have appeared shortly after the second German edition, which came out in the end of 1875, and which, as mentioned by the author in his preface, was in part prepared with a view to this translation. In consequence, however, of the death of Professor Childers, under whose direction it was in the first instance begun, and of whose aid and supervision it would, had he lived, have had the benefit, the work came to a stand-stiil, and some time elapsed before the task of continuing and completing it was entrusted to those whose names appear on the titlepage. The manuscript of the translation thus interrupted embraced a considerable part of the text of the first division of the work (V edic Literature). It had not undergone any revision by Professor Childers, and was found to be in a somewhat imperfect state, and to require very material modification. Upon Mr. Zachariae devolved the labour of correcting it, of completing it as far as the close of the Vedic Period, and of adding the notes to this First Part, none of which had been translated. From the number of es introduced in the course of revision, the portion of the work comprised in the manuscript in question has virtually been lated. The rendering of the second division of the volume (S anskrit Literature) is entirely and exclusively the work of Mr. Mann, The
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