The History of Greece from Its Commencement...

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Author  Adolf Holm
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 25, 2012
ISBN  1440041237
Pages  658

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Greek life and thought in Europe and beyond the Mediterranean, from the death of Alexander down to the battle of A ctium, is a direct consequence of the inclusion of Alexander in the history of Greece, which seemed to me necessary, and I believe that Grote would have arrived at the same conclusion if he had not already treated the great King, with whom he was out of sympathy, reluctantly and almost against his will. My decision not to end with the year 146, as I originally intended, will be justified by the narrative. It is precisely the larger compass, both in point of time and space, thus given to my history which has enabled me, as I believe, to approximate more closely to an important result, viz. a proper estimate of the character of the Greek world in this period and in particular of the civic life of the independent cities. The relations between Rome and the Greeks also seemed to me not to have been always correctly appreciated; I have not been able to substantiate my own views on this subject without combating those of distinguished scholars.
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