The History of Greece from Its Commencement...

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Author  Adolf Holm
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
ISBN  1440041229
Pages  474

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Greek history which derives its special interest from the much-contested importance of a few prominent men. I have endeavoured to substantiate the view which I take of them. For Demosthenes and Philip the chief requisite wa a detailed investigation of their careers, based upon the authorities, an investigation which in the case of the former has not led me to the favourable results which historians generally arrive at. For A lexander, on the other hand, the main thing was his position in Greek history in general. In repeatedly pointing out that he must be regarded not only as the founder of a new epoch, but also as the fulfiller of hopes which had long been cherished by the best men in Greece, and as a genuine Greek himself, I believe I am only doing him justice. As regards the narrative in general, in this, as in the preceding volumes, I have aimed at conveying an idea of the real character of the Greeks. This involved utilizing the results of special studies, and that I have mostly attempted with numismatics in the present volume also. In such matters, of course, details are all-important.
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