History of Greece

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Author  William Francis Collier
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 11, 2012
ISBN  1440041091
Pages  144

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Early Races. Hercules. Theseus. The Golden Fleece. Trojan War. GREECE, the most easterly and most broken of the three peninsulas in whichS outhern Europe terminates, was in ancient times the abode of a nation, which shone in arms, in arts, in literature, and in philosophy with a lustre that surpassed the glory of all surrounding lauds. It is impossible in sketches like these to give any account of the speculations of modern scholars regarding the various original races, which occupied the soil of this favoured territory, and laid the groundwork of the several states that made up ancient Greece. Let it suffice to say that there existed in the land, previous to the spread of the Hellenes, a population composed of various tribes or races, among which the most powerful were the Pelasgians; and then, after the lapse of time, there came from a little spot inS outhern Thessaly, at the base of Mount Othrys, a race more powerful than all probably a Pelasgiau branch filled with the purest blood of the national stem who under the name of Hellenes overspread the country, and stamped their name upon it in the title Hellas. This title afterwards gave place to the I iomnn iimne f! recce.
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