Outlines of the History of Greek Philosophy...

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Author  Eduard Zeller
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 9, 2012
ISBN  1440041008
Pages  400

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Miss A lleyne, whose manuscripts were entrusted to me. For the remainder, and for the revision of the whole, I am responsible. Miss Alleyne began her series of translations of Zeller sH istory of Philosophy with the Plato and theO lder A cademy, published in 1876 in conjunction with Prof. Goodwin, of University College, London. This was followed in 1881 by the two volumes ofT heP re-S ocratic Philosophy and in 1883 by The Eclec tics. It was also her intention, when the present work was ended, to translate the last volume of the History. But in the prime of life, and in the full vigour of her powers, she died, after a months illness, August 16, 1884. The excellence of her work has received universal recognition. It was a labour of love.
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