History of Ancient Egypt, Vol. 2 of 2

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Author  George Rawlinson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   November 16, 2016
ISBN  1440038414
Pages  380

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Excerpt from History of Ancient Egypt, Vol. 2 of 2

Statues of a Man and his Wife (from Mariette's "Monuments Divers")... Frontispiece;

1. Tomb near the Pyramids (from the "Description de I'Egypte") 1;

2. Dog and Antelope (from Lepsius's "Denkmäler" )... 1;

3. Head of Egyptian Noble early period (from the same)...1;

4. Tablet of Seneferu at Wady Magharah (from the same)...2;

5. Tablet of Khufu at Wady Magharah (from the same)...2;

6. Tablet of Sahura at Wady Magharah (from the same)...3;

7. Tablet of Pepi (from the same)... 3;

8. Earliest Sandals (from the same)...4;

9. Headdresses worn by Women (from the same)...4;

10. Ornaments worn by Men (from the same)...4;

11. Second type of Egyptian Dog (from the same)...4;

12. Dog resembling a Turnspit (from the same)...4;

13. Tab'et of Mentu-hotep II. (from the same)...5;

14. Dresses worn under the Twelfth Dynasty (from the same)...5;

15. Obelisk of Usurtasen I. at Heliopolis... 6;

16. Nefer-hotep receiving life from Anuka (from Lepsius's "Denkmäler" )... 8;

17. House on Piles in the Land of Punt (from Dumichen's "Flotte einer Hgyptischen Kônigin")... 8;

18. Bust of Amenôphis I.(from Lepsiu's "Denkmäler")...9;

19. Head of Thothmes II.(from the same)...9;

20. Bust of Thothmes I.(from the same)...9;

21. Head of Queen Hatasu (from the same)...9;

22. Head of Queen Mutemua (from the same)...10;

23. Head of Seti I.(from the same)...10;

24. Bas-relief of Menkaunor (from the Vicomte de Rougé's "Recherches")...11;

25. Head of Queen Tii (from Lepsius's "Denkmaler")...11;

26. Head of Horemheb (from the same)...12;

27. Bust of Thothmes III. (from the same)...12;

28. Remarkable Capital (from the same)...12;

29. The Twin Colossi of Amenôphis III. (called by the Greeks Memnon)...13;

30. Head of Thothmes IV. (from Lep…

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