Appian's Roman History, Vol. 2


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Author  Of Alexandria Appianus
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 11, 2012
ISBN  1440035067
Pages  502

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After Juixurtha had delivered up to b-cM etellus certain Tliracian and Ligurian deserters, the latter cut off the hands of some, and others he buried in the earth up to their stomachs, and after transfixing them with arrows and darts set fire to them while they were still alive. iV. From The Embassies When Marius arrived at Cirta messengers came to 107 him from Bocchus asking that he would send somebody to hold a conference with him. He accordingly sent A ulus Manlius, his lieutenant, and Cornelius Sulla, his quaestor. To them Bocchus said that he fought against the Romans on account of the acts of Marius, who had taken from him the territory which he himself had taken from Jugurtha. To this complaint of Bocchus, Manlius replied that the Romans had taken this territory from Syphax by right of arms, and had made a present of it toM asinissa, and that such gifts were made by the Romans to be kept by those who received them during the pleasure of theS enate and people of Rome. He added that they had not changed their minds without reason, for that Masinissa was dead and that Jugurtha, by murdering his grandchildren, had become an enemy of the Romans. It is not therefore right, he said, that an enemy should keep the gift that we made to a friend, nor should you think that you can take from Jugurtha property that belongs to the Romans. Tliese were the words of Manlius concerning the territory in question.
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