Herodotus, Vol. 4

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Author  Herodotus Herodotus
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
ISBN  1440034605
Pages  434

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Ch. 56-64. Greek design to withdraw the fleet to the Isthmus of Corinth. Decision to remain at Salamis, by Themistocles advice. Ch. 65. Dicaeus vision near Eleusis. Ch. 66-69. Persian fleet at Phalerum; advice given by Artemisia in a council of war. Ch. 70-73. Greek fortification of the I sthmus. Digression on the various Peloponnesian nationalities. Ch. 74-82. Unwillingness of the Peloponnesians to remain at Salamis. Themistocles design to compel them; his message to Xerxes, and Persian movement to encircle the Greeks. Announcement of this by A ristides. Ch. 83-96. Battle of Salamis. Ch. 97-99. Xerxes intention to retreat; news at Susa of the capture of A thens and the battle of Salamis. Ch. 100-102. Advice given to Xerxes by Mardonius and A rtemisia. Ch. 103-106. Story of the revenge of Hermotimus. Ch. 107-110. Flight of Persian fleet, and Greek pursuit as far as A ndros; Themistocles message to Xerxes. Ch. I ll, 112. Siege of A ndros, and demands made by Themistocles on various islands. Ch. 113. Mardonius selection of his army. Ch. 114-120. Incidents in Xerxes retreat. Ch. 121-125. Greek division of spoil and assignment of honours ;T hemistocles reception at Sparta. Ch. 126-129. A rtabazus capture of Olynthus and siege of Potidaea, during the winter. Ch. 130-132. Greek and Persian fleets at Aegina and Samos respectively (spring of 479). Leutychides command. Message to the Greeks from the lonians.
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