Hellenism in Ancient India

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Author  Gauranga Nath Banerjee
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 13, 2012
ISBN  1440034141
Pages  374

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On the dismemberment of the conquests of Alexander the Great, Graeco-B actrian and I ndo-G recian kingdoms were called into existence, by which the plastic and the intelligent genius of the Greeks had been united to that of the imaginative and pious, or according to the view of others, superstitious Orientals and by the amalgamation of theW est with theE ast, produced a new formation of historical relations, viz. Hellenism. Hellenism was first restrained from spreading to theE ast, and India proved here triumphant against the Greeks and for a longer period Greek influence continued to prevail in theE mpire of A rsacids, the friends of the Greeks, who did not wage war against Greek civilisation. Ultimately, Hellenism revived in a narrower sphere, in the domain of arts and sciences and continued its activity with greater success. Christian Lassen, Beitrag zur Geschichte der griechischen und indoskythischen Konige in Baktrien, Kabul und I ndien.
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