Beacon Lights of History, Vol. 4

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Author  John Lord
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
ISBN  1440032653
Pages  420

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Volume IV. Page The Conversion of Paula by St. Jerome .. .F rontispiece After the painting by L. A lma-T adema. Archery Practice of a Persian King 37 After the painting by F. A. Bridgman. Tomyris Plunges the Head of the Dead Cyrus into a Vessel of Blood 59 After the painting by A. Zick. Julius Caesar 69 From the bust in the National Museum, Rome. Surrender of Vercingetorix, the Last Chief of Gaul .. 81 After the painting by Henri Motte. Marcus Aurelius 108 From a photograph of the statue at the Capitol, Rome. Persecution of Christians in the Roman A rena .. .. 139 After the painting by G. Mantegazza. St. Jerome in His Cell .183 After the painting by J. L. Gerdme. St. Chrysostom Condemns the Vices of the Empress Eudoxia 238 After the painting by Jean Paul Laurens. St. Ambrose Refuses the Emperor Theodosius Admittance to His Church 275 After the painting by Gebhart Fugel. St. Augustine and His Mother 292 After the painting by A ry Scheffer. Invasion of the Goths into the Roman Empire .... 331 After the painting by 0. Friteche. Invasion of the Huns into Italy 373 After the painting by V. Checa.
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