All Alexander's Women

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Author  Robbert Bosschart
Publisher  BookSurge Publishing
Publication Date   January 4, 2010
ISBN  1439272018
Pages  228

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In Alexander's life story, the classical sources mention 33 women whose presence had a minor or major impact on his career. Only his mother Olympias is amply described - but always to negative effect - while the others merely appear in fleeting anecdotes. This betrays the bias of the Greek and Roman writers, unwilling to see women in an independent and positive role. But in All Alexander's Women, the author now reveals their true importance. The most decisive is Sisygambis, queen-mother of Persia. Her relationship with the Macedonian conqueror proves they came to share a dream: a new world empire that would combine the genius of Cyrus the Great ánd of Alexander the Great. That multi-cultural society would have advanced women's rights by 2,000 years. All 33 "women of Alexander", from his adoptive mothers to a mysterious soothsayer, and from a Greek sex bomb to a valiant Indian queen, now are the fascinating guiding lights of this book.

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