The Measure of the Cosmos


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Author  Petur Halldorsson
Publisher  BookSurge Publishing
Publication Date   June 30, 2009
ISBN  1439245487
Pages  147

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The Measure of the Cosmos explains how men in antiquity marked an Image of Creation in the terrain of new settlements. The book is based on Einar Pálssons hypotheses concerning the use of numerology and symbolism by ancient cultural communities to calculate the placement of their sacred Images of Creation. The principal reference points were the motions of the heavenly bodies, the cardinal directions and the proportions of the human body. Man’s Image of Creation was a projection on the terrain of the Zodiac, anchored to prominent landmarks on the ground and the Sun’s annual path around the Zodiac. The Image of Creation was at once sacred and a practical Sun Watch. The ancient approach is akin to a yardstick, which applies not only to the ancient Image of Creation discovered in Iceland, for Pétur Halldórssons research has established that the like reference frame was used in antiquity in all parts of the globe.

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