All Alexander's Women

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Author  Robbert Bosschart
Publisher  BookSurge Publishing
Publication Date   September 19, 2009
ISBN  1439236917
Pages  374

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Alexander is known worldwide as a glittering success story in a ‘men’s world’. This book shifts the viewpoint to his relation with women. His real mother, his two adoptive mothers, his full sister, and the women he loved besides the men he loved. The significance of Alexander’s fascinating relationship with the Persian queen mother Sisygambis - that inspired this book - was swept off the pages of history. We don’t know what she gave him, besides her love. But it is a fact that he learned much in and about the Persian empire, and in an awesomely short time. Alexander the Great is a ‘hero’. But he was a historical hero, capable of passing on his legacy. It was disfigured by his would-be successors, and overshadowed by a different empire - but it can still be found. It tells us that we can learn to discover, like him, that the difference between men and women, or between West and East, doesn’t have to impoverish our world. This book explains why Alexander was 'a gift from heaven'.

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