Folk Tales From Persia

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Author  Azar Rabii
Publisher  BookSurge Publishing
Publication Date   April 16, 2009
ISBN  1439222576
Pages  78

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These stories have warmed the hearts of children and adults for centuries. In this book there are five stories from Old Persia. Bald Hassan is the story of a young boy who is reluctant to leave the warmth and comfort of the bread oven he lives in, and his adventures after his mother forces him to leave. Black Crow is the story of a farmer and his rivalry turned to friendship with a crow. Jitdon tells the story of a mischievous young boy whose quick wit saves him and his friends from a danger lurking in the woods. Setareh is an affirmation of Justice prevailing through endurance and patience. Vali and Pari is the story of a lazy man, his hardworking wife, and their misadventures.

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