The Golden Fleece and the Heroes who Lived Before...

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Author  Padraic Colum
Publisher  Book Jungle
Publication Date   December 31, 2009
ISBN  1438533594
Pages  200

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Padraic Colum was an Irish poet, dramatist, novelist, and biographer known to be one of the leading figures in the Celtic Revival. In 1916 Colum wrote The King of Ireland's Son, which was his first children's book. The Golden Fleece and the Heroes who Lived Before Achilles describes the cycle of myths around the Argonauts and the quest for the Golden Fleece, as well as the tales of the Creation of Heaven and Earth. The strange and wondrous adventures of Jason and his brave Argonauts, who sought the famous Golden Fleece are interwoven with the adventures of the mythical tales of Orpheus, Atalanta, Theseus, and Pandora and her secret box. This book is recommended for grades 5-8 and older interested readers.

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