The HIdden Life of the Ancient Maya


The HIdden Life of the Ancient Maya

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Author  Clare Gibson
Publisher  Metro Bks.
Publication Date   January 19, 2019
ISBN  1435126971

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The code that enables us to tread the Maya glyphs was cracked only recently. While tourists have begun flocking to the major Maya sites to witness for themselves the breathtaking legacy of the Maya, scholars have revealed details of an ancient civilization that had achieved remarkable cultural and social sophistication at a time when the Western world still languished in the Dark Ages. We've learned of their elaborate ballgame, bloodthirsty sacrificial rituals, systematic astronomical learning, and love of chocolate. And we've also learned that the Maya Long Count calendar, which began five thousand years ago, is scheduled to run its course at the time of the winter solstice in 2012. Is our own apocalyptic date with destiny fast approaching?

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