UFOs, Crop Circles and the Mayan Calendar...

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Author  Rob Simone
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   January 1, 2007
ISBN  143480982X
Pages  172

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Rob Simone has traveled through 27 countries exploring mysterious and sacred places and the un-explained phenomenon that surrounds them. This book examines some of the highlights of Rob's research and experiences. Articles include: UFOs and NASA, The "Sun Ship" of Sweden, Mysteries of the Middle East, Crop Circles, The Mayan Calendar and much more. Including over 50 stunning, some never seen before images and photographs of Egyptian Tombs, stone circles, UFOs, Sacred sites, Jacob's Ladder and more! Rob Simone is an award-winning media personality and accomplished TV and radio producer. Rob hosts a talk show on 104.4 FM London and was recently included in FATE Magazine's "Top 100 Ufologists" list along with Dan Aykroyd and Steven Spielberg. Rob is founder of A.I.R., The Association of Independent Researchers and has been featured in UFO Magazine, FATE Magazine, FOX News, Japan's Nippon TV, China's CCTV and recently on the 2-hour History Channel program "Decoding The Past"

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