The Sumerian-Akadian-Babylonian and Assyrian Religion...

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Author  Oshana Beblis Bebla MD FACS
Publisher  Outskirts Press
Publication Date   November 12, 2012
ISBN  1432788450
Pages  304

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The Fascinating Power of the First Religion in the World... Most of us are accustomed to an idea of religion in which God interacts with humans and creates rules for humans to live by, according to the believers. But what if there were a religion in which responsive deities interacted with every aspect of the universe, creating a balanced system of morality and justice? This is what you will learn about in The Sumerian-Akadian-Babylon and Assyrian Religion and Its Analysis. This in-depth study reveals 4000 years of a religion created by the people and accepted by their society. It will also show you how the conflict between religious doctrine and objective reality eroded the power of this religion's basic myths, and caused this influential faith to falter. This wonderful introduction to a unique culture and religion will be an eye-opening and engaging experience for all readers.

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