The Theft of a King

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Author  J S G Gandeto
Publisher  Outskirts Press
Publication Date   January 20, 2011
ISBN  1432768565
Pages  520

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...If Alexander the Great was a Greek king, why would he dismiss his own "Greek" troops 
in the middle of his Asian campaign in 330 B.C.? (Arr. III.19.6-7; Plut. Al. 42.5; Diod. XVII.74.3-4; Curt. VI.2.17). 
Why would Greeks in the mainland, supposedly his own people, rebel against him? 
Why would the Greeks call the Lamian War a "Hellenic War" if they were fighting 
the Macedonians?
The book offers glimpses into our continuous struggle to return Alexander to his rightful place -among his Macedonian kinsmen. Yes, it is a feeble voice in the dark, but a voice nevertheless, that isn't going to die any time soon. This incessant will to survive is stronger and more powerful than the insatiable appetite for our esteemed heritage exhibited by our enemy. Perhaps it is a blessing, a sign for revival and a heavenly energy that uplifts and nourishes the soul. Perhaps it is the old Macedonian spirit that keeps us going. The more they attack us, the stronger and more resilient we become. Through the topics discussed in the book, the reader will have a chance to see and understand the other side of the story. In the words of Marquez Garcia, "Our enemies have crushed many roses before but they haven't succeeded in stopping the spring from coming."

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