The Gold Mission


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Author  Andreas A Paris
Publisher  Outskirts Press
Publication Date   January 14, 2007
ISBN  1432701444
Pages  540

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GOD came to Earth in a space ship from the heavens. His mission was to obtain GOLD. He found a lot of gold and said: 'the Gold is mine and the silver is mine'. He and the other gods are using the gold powder to extend their lives and live in health, but he does not want anybody to know anything about the secrets of the gold powder. Some other gods supported by humans revolted against him but he declared them 'wicked' and by using nuclear weapons 'wiped' them out from the face of the earth. He confused our languages in order to prevent us from revolting again. Members of his family became chief executives, later renamed to angels and archangels. By declaring himself as God he darkened the secret of his Gold Mission discouraging anybody from searching about his real identity. He created Judaism, Christendom and Islam as reasons for creating conflicts but also to help us remember that he would come back at the day of Judgment. We believe he will come back (the Day of Delivery) for more gold!

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