The Islands of Destiny

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Author  William Walker
Publisher  Trafford Publishing
Publication Date   March 7, 2011
ISBN  1426960107
Pages  248

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From as early as 2000 BC, the islands of Great Britain and Ireland attracted the migrating Hebrew people. Many students of early European history have been puzzled by the persistent westward trek, as though some irresistible magnetism drove those tribes with wanderlust toward the islands of the west. It was not that they were seeking new pastures, for there were rich lands on the way. It was an inner power and their calling as God's people that compelled them to seek the islands of their destiny. In The Islands of Destiny, author William Walker reveals the British people's glorious identity and explains Isaiah's writings in connection with its history. Originally prepared as a series of lectures, this historical study, complete with illustrations, explores the ancient Chronicles of Eri, the history of Gaal Sciot of Iber, early Britons, and the British, Irish, Spanish, Scottish, and American connection to the birth of the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic nations, focusing on the British Isles and Ireland.

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