The Letter and the Scroll

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Author  Robin Currie
Publisher  National Geographic
Publication Date   November 17, 2009
ISBN  1426205147
Pages  336

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THE LETTER AND THE SCROLL is a big gorgeous book about what archaeology tells us about the Bible. No book ever written has been more studied and more thoroughly examined at greater length than the Bible. Yet, those seemingly inexhaustible Scriptures remain open to fresh interpretation as new discoveries are made. In modern times, the tradition of interpreting the Scripture in its original language and context has been greatly enhanced by the work of the archaeologists, who have unearthed Biblical manuscripts of ever greater antiquity, offering new insights into the Old and New Testaments and the world that gave rise to them. These letters, recovered from Biblical times and presented here in this book, bring us as close to the foundations of Judaism and Christianity as students of the Bible have ever been. This wonderful book would be a treasure in most homes to be referred to at any time.

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