Mystery of the Ancient Seafarers


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Author  Robert D. Ballard
Publisher  National Geographic Society
Publication Date   December 31, 2004
ISBN  1426204795
Pages  224

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Highlighted by 110 full-color photographs and maps, Mystery of the Ancient Seafarers combines ancient history and cutting-edge underwater archaeology as it takes us to Egypt, Greece, Minoan Crete, Italy, and Asia Minor on a fascinating 4,000-year tour of the ancient maritime civilizations that rose and fell along the Mediterranean and Black Seas, with National Geographic's acclaimed Explorer-in-Residence Robert Ballard as an expert guide. Interweaving advanced technology and scientific discovery with history and myth, he explores ancient seafaring societies, visiting their cities and tracing their trade routes. Examine the historical truths behind Jason, Odysseus, Atlantis. Uncover startling evidence of early sailors, from the Romans, who ruled the Mediterranean, to the Phoenicians, who flourished for centuries - only to vanish without a trace.

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