Temple of Karnak

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Author  Frederick Monderson
Publisher  AuthorHouse
Publication Date   September 10, 2007
ISBN  142596642X
Pages  204

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The Majestic Architecture of Ancient Kemet surveys the religious, philosophical and esoteric nature and the history of the architectural evolution of the temple. It emphasizes the important features of the structure, particularly those of interest to the visitor whose time is limited. It is also of interest to the student and specialist, for it includes commentary by a great many visitors to this divinely inspired national temple that has had a lasting impression on all, as it beckons their return. The book contains an extensive bibliography, both in a general format and for specific segments of the temple, making it a tremendous research asset. This work is unique in that it’s the only English language book (Save one other of a different approach and in Hardcover.) on a temple that took 2000 years to build, and today considered an architectural museum of ancient Egyptian art and architecture. The Table of Contents reads: Description of Captions; Poem to Amon-Ra; Poem to Karnak Temple: Introduction: The Majestic Architecture of Karnak: Karnak: The Power: Karnak: The Glory; The Middle Kingdom Court: Thutmose III Festival Hall; The Sacred Lake; The North South Axis; References; Conclusions; Select Bibliography; Temples of Karnak; A Second Look. More than 130 photographs, illustrations and plans help to accentuate the majesty and grandeur of imperial Egypt, celebrating a deity whose influence spread far and wide and whose generosity to his adherents brought success, fortune and fame to their quest. Thus, the temple is a “pay back.” Generally, the book is an asset to all.

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