The Classical Pan African Kalenda, Year 32...

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Author  Sa-Ra
Publisher  Xlibris
Publication Date   June 16, 2008
ISBN  1425720994
Pages  80

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"The Classical Pan African Kalenda, Year 32,794," a new book authored by Sa-Ra, presents to readers the ancient Egyptian calendar and its historical meaning. The calendar is set in color photographs of artifacts depicting the people of ancient Egypt and their creations, complete with accompanying text that (a) provides historical and cultural contexts for the calendar, (b) identifies areas for further research in ancient African history and the calendar's dating, and (c) explains the importance of accurate ancient African history to today's Pan African communities and their future.

The book juxtaposes the modern calendar for November 2008-November 2009 with the ancient calendar. Order a copy of this fascinating book now!

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