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Author  Xenophon
Publication Date   January 1, 2009
ISBN  1420933639
Pages  172

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Written in the early fourth century BCE by a gentleman and soldier from Athens, "Cyropaedia" is an account of Cyrus the Great that escapes a simple genre placement. It is a sort of historical, political, biographical, fictional romance, encapsulating the sweeping type of narrative characteristic of Xenophon's works. The overall portrait of Cyrus is artistic, offering glimpses of this huge figure's character. Organized into eight books, the entire life of Cyrus the Great is told, from his descent and education to his stay in the Median court, and eventually his own kingship and monarchical views. Considered an important piece of literature by many historical figures, from Edmund Spenser to the Founding Fathers, "Cyropaedia" is an ancient text that contains a timeless relevance.

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