Mayan Inferno


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Author  A.S. Fenichel
Publisher  Ellora's Cave
Publication Date   December 16, 2013
ISBN  1419970003
Pages  156

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Book 3 Mayan Destiny series. Robyn has waited years for her chance to gain revenge on the demons responsible for her enslavement. She’s molded herself into a warrior, and with The Lord of the Dead on the move once again, her time has come and she’s ready to strike—until a band of survivors and their enigmatic leader make her rethink what she’s fighting for. Breadan has kept the people of his ranch safe from the wrath of The Lord of the Dead. His gift of always knowing what everyone is feeling is instrumental in protecting those around him. The instant connection with Robyn takes his talents to another level. Passion simmers between them. Neither can avoid their connection, but any distraction could mean disaster. The fate of the world rests on their shoulders, and their lust could be the deadliest distraction of all.

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