The Bible


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Author  Robert George Crosbie
Publisher  BookSurge Publishing
Publication Date   February 22, 2008
ISBN  1419682652
Pages  176

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This is the fifth in the series of books referred to as The Bible, the Hallowed Book of Man. Volume five commences with an account of the happenings preceding the time of the coming of the sixth Christ, who was known in his time as Joshua Ben Miriam, and in later times as Jesus the Christ. This book contains an account of his coming, his life, his true and unaltered teachings, and his survival of his crucifixion. The final chapter of this book recounts his legendary address to his followers, where he says, 'Who amongst you shall gird his loins with the skin of a lamb, and await the coming of the Son of the Widow?' That which was made crooked has now been set straight.

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