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Author  Ron Tasso
Publisher  BookSurge Publishing
Publication Date   April 7, 2008
ISBN  1419682008
Pages  140

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The enduring influence of the Bible's Book of Genesis, its profound meaning for millions of human beings for millennia, is partly because it comes to the reader wrapped in a spellbinding package. But stripped of its compelling religious significance, the Book of Genesis can be viewed as a collection of fables, similar to folk stories passed down through generations. So how did Genesis, and the succeeding books of Exodus and Numbers, acquire such an extremely powerful influence? In this fascinating deconstruction, author Ron Tasso suggests that a hidden hand guided the language in these books, and that their true significance lies not in religion, but in their epic series of numbers-based parables that describe and accurately calculate sophisticated mathematical concepts-the laws of the solar system and the value of pi, among others. Secret Numbers sheds light on the true identity of the man who wrote the books of Genesis, Exodus and Numbers, and his scientific and mathematical genius.

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