The Lost Civilization of Homo Supersapiens...

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Author  Jos Rogiers
Publisher  BookSurge Publishing
Publication Date   May 31, 2007
ISBN  141966123X
Pages  326

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The "gods" of antiquity weren't supernatural or imaginary beings, but Hominidae belonging to a further evolved species. In this book, they are named "Homo Supersapiens." Homo Supersapiens was taller than us, lovelier, and had certain distinguishing physical characteristics. He lived in an era when enormous, untouched supplies of gold were available, and he made use of it to such an extent that the first part of his era was known as "the Golden Age" ever since. In the Golden Age, Homo Supersapiens, setting out from his homeland, founded a great empire and ruled over us. Peace, justice and happiness prevailed. But later things began to deteriorate. Eventually, at the end of the second millennium B.C., an enormous natural disaster struck the earth. The major part of the homeland of the gods sank into the ocean. This homeland was situated to the northwest of Africa. The Canary Islands are one of the remains of it. One of the names of this homeland was "Atlantis."

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