Reflections Upon Elder Egypt


Reflections Upon Elder Egypt: Staring Deep Into the Eye of Horus

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Author  Ralph E. Vaughan
Publisher  Xlibris Corp
Publication Date   July 7, 2004
ISBN  1413454461
Pages  230

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Reflections Upon Elder Egypt -- Staring Deep Into the Eye of Horus is a collection of essays about Ancient Egypt and related subjects. It tackles such diverse topics as Egyptian Magick; the mysterious collapse of the Old Kingdom; Set, the 'bad boy' of Ancient Egypt; the mystery plays performed at Abydos in honor of Osiris; glass making; dogs in Egypt; the enigmatic Book of Gates; the location of unknown Punt; and many, many more. Unlike more pedantic books on the subject, it is a book more concerned with questions than answers, with possibilities than dogma; the reader must bring to this book full measures of intelligence, imagination and common sense. It goes beyond the bounds of traditional Egyptology, but never asks the reader to believe in the unbelievable. After reading this book, you will never see Ancient Egypt in the same light again.

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