Armenia"Armenians in India"


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Author  Shahzad Najmuddin
Publisher  Trafford Publishing
Publication Date   November 23, 2005
ISBN  1412040396
Pages  186

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"To the Prefecture of Halepi. - The right of the Armenians to live and work on Turkish soil is abolished. Taking all responsibility in this matter, the government has decreed that not even babies in their cradles should be spared."

"To the Prefecture of Halepi. 15 January 1916 - It has come to our attention that children of the people in question (Armenians) are being accepted into certain orphanages. Since the governemnt regards the existence of these individuals as pernicious, it will be regarded as an act hostile to the state to rear or prolong the lives of these children or to show them any mercy...".

Talaat Pasha, Minister of Interior

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