The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook

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Author  John DeSalvo
Publisher  AuthorHouse
Publication Date   December 9, 2003
ISBN  1410780422
Pages  516

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This is the the ultimate reader and sourcebook about the Great Pyramid of Giza and current Pyramid Research Go on the most extensive photo tour of the Great Pyramid and read about the latest discoveries and findings See exclusive photos of the large pyramids built in the former Soviet Union and about the research carried out in them Learn about the New Scientific Breakthroughs in Pyramid Research and incredible Hyperspace experiments Read about the major theories on the Great Pyramid of Giza Read the description of the Great Pyramid from the first scientific book ever published on it by John Greaves in 1646 Included are articles and book excerpts from the worlds top pyramid researchers: John Anthony West, Patrick Flanagan, Robert Bauval, Christopher Dunn, Stephen Mehler, Ian Lawton, Paul Horn, and others. Also a comprehensive "Who's Who in the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association" and one of the most extensive bibliographies ever printed on the Great Pyramid

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