Networks in the Hellenistic World

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Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   August 15, 2013
ISBN  1407311573
Pages  382

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This volume contains papers presented at the international conference ‘Networks in the Hellenistic world – according to the pottery in the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond’ which took place at the universities of Cologne and Bonn 23rd–26th February 2011. The organizers, all specialists in Hellenistic pottery of different regions in the Eastern Mediterranean, invited participants working from the Adriatic Sea to Asia Minor and up to Central Asia to consider their material according to the common platform of networks and exchange systems. Among the questions addressed by the contributors are: What is the character of the trade relations between political centres? What is the nature of economic development in minor cities and rural areas? Are some regions cut off from trade routes and thus characterised by a more restricted spectrum of local pottery? Which places traded their pottery globally? Whose pottery was copied, and by whom? Can the repertoire of forms reflect the adoption of specific customs?

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