The Topography and the Landscape of Roman Dacia...

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Author  Florin Fodorean
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   June 1, 2013
ISBN  1407311174
Pages  147

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In this volume the author presents a full study of the topography and landscape of Roman Dacia (roughly present-day north-central and western Romania). The work begins with investigations of the Roman road network and a discussion of the Roman geographical perception of Dacia before and after the conquest, which entailed the construction of the first roads. The author then examines the ancient sources concerning the roads of Roman Dacia, using the ‘Tabula Peutingeriana’, itineraries and other literary sources, the archaeological remains, and the ‘Tabula Traiana’, to reconstruct the main roads of Roman Dacia. Further chapters widen the topic by discussing roads and rural settlements, focussing on Potaissa and its surroundings, and on Napoca and beyond, with an excursus on Roman bridges. These detailed studies enable the author to suggest a recreation of the landscape of Roman Dacia, using a combination of historical 19th-century cartography, digital data and GIS.

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