Navigated Spaces, Connected Places

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Author  Dionisius A. Agius
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   March 15, 2012
ISBN  1407309293
Pages  272

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Proceedings of Red Sea Project V held at the University of Exeter September 2010. Contents: 1) Travels with Machell in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean: the voyages of Thomas Machell and Jenny Balfour Paul, 1848 and 2010 (Jenny Balfour Paul); 2) The last of the Aden dhows (Antonin Besse); 3) Sailing the Red Sea: Pharaonic voyages to Punt and Min of the Desert (Cheryl Ward); 4) A new Pharaonic Harbour in Ayn Sokhna (Gulf of Suez) (Pierre Tallet); 5) The southern Red Sea in the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC: an archaeological overview (Rodolfo Fattovich); 6) Nubians and the others on the Red Sea. An update on the exotic ceramic materials from the Middle Kingdom harbour of Mersa/Wadi Gawasis, Red Sea, Egypt (Andrea Manzo); 7) Ancient Egyptian and allied African navigators use of space on the Red Sea (K.A. Kitchen); 8) The semiticisation of the Arabian peninsula and the problem of its reflection in the archaeological record (Roger Blench); 9) Sacred places and beings of the Red Sea littoral societies (Oscar Nalesini); 10) Crossing the Red Sea: the Nabataeans in the Egyptian eastern desert (Caroline Durand); 11) New light on the nature of Indo-Roman trade: Roman period shipwrecks in the northern Red Sea (Lucy Blue, J.D. Hill & Ross Thomas); 12) The port of Bablyon in Egypt (Peter Sheehan); 13) The Liber Pontificalis and Red Sea trade of the early to mid 4th century AD (Eivind Heldaas Seland); 14) The Fatimids and the Red Sea (969-1171) (David Bramoullé); 15) Trade cycles and settlement paterns in the Red Sea region (ca. AD 1050-1250) (Timothy Power); 16) Sailing with the Muallim: the technical practice of Red Sea sailing during the medieval period (Julian Whitewright); 17) Suakin: paradigm of a port (Michael Mallinson); 18) Archaeology and the archaeological and historical evidence for the trade of Suakin, Sudan (L.M.V. Smith et al.) 19) Beit Khorshid Effendi: a traders house at Suakin (Jacke Phillips); 20) (Dis)located spaces and mediated oppositions: monks and Bedouin in the deserts around the Red Sea (Janet C.M. Starkey); 21) The integration of the eastern desert into the Islamic world: Beja groups in medieval Islamic geography and archaeological records (Petra Weschenfelder); 22) The awareness level among students of King Abdulaziz University (Jeddah) of the institutions and issues related to the vitality, geography, and history of the Red Sea (Sadig A. Malki); 23) Arabic plant names and botany in Arabic civilisation. The contribution of Peter Forsskal (1732-1763) and others (Philippe Provençal).

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