SOMA 2009

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Author  Hakan Oniz
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   March 15, 2011
ISBN  1407307568
Pages  223

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SOMA 2009. Papers from the XIII Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, held at Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey from 23-24 April 2009. Contents: 1) Some Kerch-Type Pelikai from Mylasa (Abuzer Kizil); 2) Rams and Ramming in Antiquity (Ahmet Adil Tirpan and Erdogan Aslan); 3) A 3D Reconstruction of a Nautical Legend: Archimedes and the Naval Defence of Syracuse (Ahmet Denker, Hakan Öniz and Ahmet Can Arikan); 4) Land Use and Settlement Organisation in the Malatya-Elazig Region between the 4th and 3rd Millennia BC (Alev Erarslan); 5) Rings from the Han Necropolis (A. Oguz Alp); 6) Roman Red-Slip Ware From Isauria (Asuman Baldiran, Zafer Korkmaz and Volkan Yildiz); 7) Typological Assessment of Roman Imperial-Era Nymphaeums of the Lycian, Pamphylian and Cilician Regions (Ayse F. Erol); 8) The Dams of the Stratonikeia Region (Coskun Dasbacak); 9) Ancient Underwater and Coastal Settlements of Israel: An Endangered Cultural Resource (Ehud Galili and Baruck Rosen); 10) Some Wineries of the Lykaonia and Isauria Regions (Erdogan Aslan, Osman Doganay and Guengör Karauguz); 11) Three Items of Hellenistic Glassware from the Karaman Museum (Ertekin M. Doksanalti); 12) Attic Imports to Anatolia: The Construction of a Reference Framework (Filippo Giudice et al.); 13) An Ethnobotanical Plant from the Hittite Flora: Hatalkini- (Guengör Karauguz and Murat Aydin Sanda); 14) Colonization in Western Sicily: An Indigenous Response through Skyphoi Analysis (Lori Bratton and Michael J. Kolb); 15) Ornamental Architectural Pieces from the Karaman Citadel (I. Mete Mimiroglu and Murat Karademir); 16) A Group of Red Slip Ware from the Aksehir Museum (Mehmet Tekocak and Volkan Yildiz); 17) Toilet Culture and Latrinas in Asia Minor (Murat Taskiran, Ömer Uzunel and Aysun Topaloglu); 18) Muezzin Mahfils in Ottoman-Period Mosques in Konya (Mustafa Cetinaslan); 19) Timber Decoration in the Houses of the Akseki Ilvat Villages (Necla Akkaya); 20) The Excavations of the Kizilburun Column Wreck (Orkan Köyagasioglu and Deborah N. Carlson); 21) The Shipwrecks of Anatolia Project 2008: Ancient Shipwreck Survey off the Bodrum Peninsula (Orkan Köyagasioglu); 22) Farmers and their Equipment: As Depicted on some Reliefs from the Isauria Region (Osman Doganay); 23) The Prometheus Myth and Ferula: A Mediterranean Ethno-Botanical Story (Osman Doganay, Mustafa Cevik and Hasibe Guenay); 24) Byzantine Stone Artefacts in the Private Koyunoglu City Museum of the Konya Metropolitan Municipality (Osman Kunduraci and Ilker Mete Mimiroglu); 25) A Stylistic-Syntactical Analysis of Nabataean Painted Fine Ware (Renate Storli0; 26) Archaeological Investigations on Istanbuls Lake Kucukcekmece and River Basin (Sengul Aydingun and Hakan Oniz); 27) ITA Istanbul Prehistoric Survey Researches in 2008 (Sengul Aydingun and Emre Guldogan0; 28) Cognitive Evolution and the Concept of Environmental Hygiene in Anatolia in Ancient Times: From Hittite to Roman (Suekran Sevimli); 29) Windmills of the Bodrum Peninsula (Tolga Bozkurt); 30) The Waterwheel Tympanum in Ancient Times (Tunç Sezgin); 31) Underwater Archaeological Investigations in the Northern Black Sea Area in the 20th Century (Victor V. Lebedinsky and Julia A. Pronina); 32) Wooden Combs from the Shipwreck Excavations at Novy Svet, on the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine (Yana Morozova and Sergii Zelenko); 33) Wooden Decoration in the Mosques of Bozkir and its Region (Guelay Apa).

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