Commerce and Economy in Ancient Egypt

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Author  Andras Hudecz
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   July 6, 2010
ISBN  1407306723
Pages  187

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Proceedings of the Third International Congress for Young Egyptologists held in Budapest in September 2009. Contents: Foreword: Earning a Living in a New Kingdom Village (Jac. J. Janssen); 1) The Olive Tree Cultivation and Trade in Ancient Egypt (Jose M. Alba Gómez); 2) The Economic Component of the Title jmy-r(A) Hmw-nTr 'Overseer of the God's Servants'? (Vessela Atanassova); 3) Use and Symbolism of Stone in Statuary: the Imitation of Painted Stones (Dania Bordignon); 4) An Economic Perspective on Relationships between Near Eastern Kingdoms during the Late Bronze Age (Alessandro Cappellini and Sara Caramello); 5) At the Intersection of Trading Routes. Commerce and Economy of Pre- and Early Dynastic Tell el-Farkha (Eastern Nile Delta) (Marcin Czarnowicz); 6) The Oracular Inscription of the High Priest of Amun Menkheperre in the Khonsu Temple at Karnak (Gabriella Dembitz); 7) Business with Gods: The Role of Bargaining in Demotic Letters to Gods and Graeco-Roman Judicial Prayers (Kata Endreffy); 8) Under the Protection of the Gods: the Divine Role for the Good Outcome of Trade and Mining Expeditions (Barbara Gilli); 9) On Egyptian Wine Marketing (Maria Rosa Guasch); 10) High-status Industries in the Capital and Royal Cities of the New Kingdom (Anna Kathrin Hodgkinson); 11) The Early Egyptian Rulers in the Nile Delta: a View from the Necropolis at Tell el-Farkha (Mariusz A. Jucha); 12) Two Egyptian Private-Law Documents of the Old Kingdom (Evgeniya Kokina); 13) Storage in the Ancient Egyptian Palaces (Giulia Pagliari); 14) Pottery as an Economic Indicator in Egypt's Marginal Sites (Virpi Perunka); 15) The Grain Trade and the Importance of Egypt for the Economy of the Hellenistic-Roman World: Some Remarks (Marco Rolandi);16) Inscribed Stone Vessels as Symbols of the Egypto-Achaemenid Economic Encounter (Ian Shaw); 17) Customs Duty in the New Kingdom (Birgit Schiller); 18) Food and Luxury Goods - Animal Remains as an Indicator for Trade Connections Based on the Example of Faunal Material from Ancient Syene/Aswan, Egypt (Johanna Sigl); 19) Maritime Study on North- and Southbound Trade: the Red Sea Harbours (Alessandra Siragusa); 20) Gifts Exchange and Tribute in the Amarna Correspondence (Hanadah Tarawneh); 21) Commercial Routes in Upper Egypt from Naqada II to the Protodynastic: Defining Patterns of Interaction (Elena Valtorta); 22) Lead Weights and Ingots from Heracleion-Thonis: an Illustration of Egyptian Trade Relations with the Aegean (Elsbeth van der Wilt); 23) The Egyptian Economy: Sources, Models and History (David A. Warburton); 24) Trade and Money in Ramessid Egypt: the Use of General Equivalents in Economic Transactions (Andrea Zingarelli).

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