Archaic Greek Culture

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Author  Sergey Solovyov
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   February 15, 2010
ISBN  1407305522
Pages  163

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The proceedings of the international round-table conference held from 23-25 June 2005 at the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg. The topics related to the culture, history and archaeology of Archaic Greece. Attention was also devoted to questions of exhibiting ancient Greek monuments in museums. Contents: 1) Archaic Greek Culture (John Boardman); 2) A Kore in Amber (Faya Causey); 3) Greeks and the Local Population in the Mediterranean: Sicily and the Iberian Peninsula (Adolfo J. Domínguez); 4) The Contribution of Archeometric Results to Our Understanding of Archaic East-Greek Trade (Pierre Dupont); 5) Greeks in the East: A View from Cilicia (Charles Gates); 6) The Collection of Works in Archaistic Style in the Hermitage Museum's Department of Classical Antiquities (Alexander Kruglov); 7) Greek-Ionian Necropoleis in the Black Sea area: Cremation and Colonisation (Vasilica Lungu); 8) Greeks and the Local Populations in Magna Graecia and in Gaul (Jean-Paul Morel); 9) Greek Gems and Rings of the Archaic Period. The Formation of the Hermitage Collection (Oleg Neverov); 10) Archaic Greek Culture: The Archaic Ionian Pottery from Berezan (Richard Posamentir); 11) Black-Figure on the Black Sea: Art and Visual Culture at Berezan (Tyler Jo Smith); 12) Borysthenes and Olbia: Greeks and Natives Interactions on the Initial Stage of Colonisation (Sergey Solovyov); 13) Die Beziehungen zwischen Borysthenes, Olbia und Bosporos in der archaischen Zeit nach den epigraphischen Quellen (Sergey R. Tokhtasev); 14) Archaic Bronzes. Greece - Asia Minor - North Pontic Area (Mikhail Treister); 15) The Program of the Rearrangement of the Classical Antiquities Galleries. The Display of Archaic Art in the State Hermitage Museum (Anna Trofimova); 16) The Polis in the Northern Black Sea Area (Yuryi Vinogradov).

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